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Xrstine Franco Artwork

I have been making images since about 1980. Some of my projects are “The Tree Witch Project",  The Orphan Rock Project” “Gardening At Night” “13 Ghosts” “The Book of Beautiful Dead People” , “The Pomona Valley Vista Series” , “Mountain Memorie” and more. I am interested in memory, Story, social and psychological issues. My work exists in  the dystopic photographic land space but at times in the liminal space between and collage and mixed media. I was recently featured in the Los Angeles billboard show   "Billboard Creative 2023" Curated by Mona Kuhn  and was also featured in 2020 by the same wonderful people.  I occasionally curate for specific galleries.  

 My studio is at "The Art Bunker"  in Claremont, CA  I am dedicated to Leica products first and foremost, then Nikon and I endeavor to one day own a certain Hasselblad I've had my eye on for years.  Time will tell. 

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This page is still under construction!! 

I am in the process of uploading Titles to my images!

Note: If you have seen a work on Instagram but do not see it here, 

You can still request that image by contacting me via text, email or chat. Go to the Contact Page.

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